Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award!!!

This is really exciting, thank you so much Jeniel at "What's Wrong With Mommmy." For giving me the "One Lovely Blog Award":-)...

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Here are my 15 lovely blog picks:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

30 min Meal Ideas

 Calling all you ladies, I need your HELPPPPPP... I have always been one of those women that struggle in the kitchen; as far back as I can remember. It's like my mind can't process how to come up with different ideas; "what is wrong with me???" I definitely don't have the creative gene when it comes to cooking, and it doesn't help when you also have a picky little eater running around the house. I have to give all of the credit to my hubby; he is the main cook in this household. I do like to bake, but cooking is just not my specialty. I would love to learn how to create some good 30 min meals; that my whole family would love, and hopefully it will also help to get me back into the kitchen more; than my beloved hubby. Please help this struggling wife, and mommy. Do any of you have the same struggles as me??? please tell me I'm not the only one out there... I would love for you ladies to share your stories, and any ideas you may have.

This would really help out this poor mommy:-)

Also one more thing I have to share... When I was in Costco the other day; I came across this book. Have any of you ladies heard of this cookbook? Like I stated above; I have a picky little eater in my house, and the only thing he wants is, cookies, pudding, pancakes, Mcdonald's, etc. etc. if it was up to him; he would eat junk food all day long. He tries to work his magic on us (but it doesn't work:-). I almost bought this book the other day, it looks like it has some great ideas... If you know anything about this book; I would love some feedback. Is it worth buying? This mommy is starting to get desperate can't you tell...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daddy The Soccer Ball and US...

This morning my hubby decided that he wanted to take the boys over to this one park; that is a couple of blocks down from our house so that he can teach the boys some soccer kicks, dribbles, and stops; well what a day this turned out to be... I decided I would come along too; because I thought it would be enjoyable. By the time we got back to the house; our oldest was dripping wet from head to toe, and our littlest one was dry (only one kid to worry about:-). The whole idea of playing with daddy went right out the window; when our oldest step out of the car he was doing everything else but trying to listen to daddy; he was running laps around him. I guess he thought running around daddy as fast as he could was much more exciting then kicking around a ball, and of course our littlest guy was doing the exact same thing (go figure). Up at the top of the field there was a little water park; once our oldest got sight of that, that is all she wrote. By the time we realized where he was running too; it was to late. He ran straight into the water, and completely drenched himself like I said before from head to toe. I was able to catch the little one before he decided to join his brother. Our children really went crazy; it was like they have never seen a park let alone a little water park. Poor daddy he really wanted to kick the soccer ball around with his boys; instead it turned out to be the day our boys went wild...

(Gotta love it:-)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wow Mommy Look At All These Books...

It was so cute last week; I took my little 3 year old son to are local Library; while his older brother was in school that day. I was trying to get him their in time for storytime; but we missed it. Right after we walked in I hear this little voice say, "WOW mommy look at the books." You would of thought he walked into a toy store; he had the biggest smile on his face, and the funny thing about it is; this was not the first time he has been to the Library. "Mommy can I have that," "and that," "and that," this little guy was in heaven... But this is were the fun really began; when I took him over to the children's books. Next thing I know; he had about 3 to 5 different books sitting all around him. He had each one of them open, and you could tell he was loving every minute of it. Now of course Mommy reads to him and his brother every night before they go to bed, and they both really enjoy it. But I think this is because; this was the first time he had been to the library without his brother; so I think instead of always wanting to be looking at what ever book his brother was looking at. He took sometime out for himself... we stayed at the library for a good couple of hours or more. He kept wanting to pick out more and more. By the time we left that day; I had checked out 7 children's books, and he helped mommy carry them out to the car. I would have to say this was a wonderful day at the Library that was spent with my little guy...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mommy Is Halloween Tomorrow???

Everyday I get asked that same question over and over again, "Mommy is Halloween today or tomorrow?" Even though my hubby and I have told our children more than once; that Halloween isn't until Oct. 31st. This year our oldest tells us that, he wants to be Indian Jones, Buzz Lighter, and Iron Man. He is so cute; my hubby and I try to explain to him that he can't be all of those different characters at once. Our son gives us a crazy look and says, "You Guys Are Just Kidding," and runs off (got to love it :-). Our littlest one tells us he wants to eat a lot of candy and say, "trick or treat," over and over again. We asked our little one what he wanted to be for halloween this year, and he pointed to himself and said, "ME," he had my hubby and I laughing; because he said it with the cutest expression on his face. Halloween will be here before we know it... What are your kids wanting to be for Halloween this year?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Classroom Behavior...

Our little first grader came home from school last week; telling my husband and I that he needs to keep his 3. We asked him what does he mean that he has to keep his 3? He proceeded to tell us that 3 is a yippee, 2 is a oops, and 1 is a yikes. If he gets a yikes meaning a 1; he will have to call home. My husband and I asked him, "well what did you get today?" He said, "of course a 3," and then he said, "that if he gets a 3 every single day," "then by next week Monday he will be able to go to the treasure chest," "and pull out a little surprise." That was for having good behavior all of last week. I think having a reward system in place at school; is a great idea. Our son really gets excited when he keeps his 3 all day. We feel that he is really starting to understand; how it is important to be on his best behavior. I mean don't get me wrong; my husband and I are all about teaching our kids the importance of being on their best behavior. But it can definitely be a struggle at times. So I am glad that our son's teacher has put this system into place.

Does your child's school have a reward system in place for behavior? Please Share :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Toys and More Toys...

Mommy can I have that, and what about that. I would love to be able to block all those toy commercial on TV; they got it down to a science. They know what time of the day, is the best time to air those toy commercials. My two sons have so many toys spread all over this house; they just don't have enough arms to keep up (but they still want more and more) that's kids for you. My husband and I try not to let our two little guys watch to much TV. I wish they would have a lot more commercials on books or arts and crafts. I mean don't get me wrong; I love buying toys for my kids, but I just wish they wouldn't show toy commercials on TV as much as they do. I guess at the end of the day these toy companies have to keep their business growing. So what better way to have your children see the toy commercial and then your child(ren) try to work their magic on you.

Share your thoughts:)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Did you say Diet & Exercise?

I was always complaining that I don't have a enough time for fitness. After all, looking after two crazy little boys is a full time job with in itself right? You can ask my husband, I had every excuse in the book; you name it I said it. I finally thought to myself, "enough is enough". So I sat down and thought what can I do to add diet & exercise into my daily life style; when I'm at home with the children. This is what I came up with.


Breakfast - I would have a whole red apple sliced up or a 100 calorie breakfast bar, and a glass of vanilla soy milk.

Lunch - I would have one Lean Cuisine meal.

Dinner - I would get out a salad plate, and what ever I cooked for dinner that night. I would serve myself my dinner on a salad plate; not a dinner plate. I would not go back for seconds.


Vacuuming - I would do lunges while vacuuming the house.

Baby Squats - I would put our little guy; which is now 3 years old (not little anymore). In his baby carrier, and try to do at least 5 to 10 squats going one way. Then turn around and do 5 to 10 squats; going back the same direction.

Commercials - After the kids went down for a nap. I would put on the TV, and watch Jon & Kate plus 8, What Not to Wear, or Baby Story; you can probably tell I like TLC. When they would cut to a commercial; I would take that opportunity to do sit ups or push ups. Then when the show came back on I would stop; I would do that about 3 to 4 different times.

So the moral of my story is; it took about a good month or two. I dropped 3 pants sizes. I was very pleased with myself. I started out in a size 12 pants, & now I am a size 8.

I just wanted to share my story with you ladies!