Sunday, April 10, 2011

What’s lurking around the young ones?

How clean is your kitchen? Ask yourself that question.

When prepping for any meal always keep all your foods separated for avoiding cross contamination of bacteria’s. Wash your hands and keep your countertops sanitized; and always cook at the proper temperatures.

Here is a list of bacteria’s that can be lurking in your kitchen; if your kitchen is not sanitized properly:


Unpasteurized juice and cider

Lettuce and sprouts

Raw milk cheese

Undercooked hamburger


Egg and Chicken



Fresh Produce


Leafy Vegetables Contaminated w/Manure

Raw Milk

Raw Meat

Soft Cheese

Deli Meats


Hot Dogs

Keep your family safe from bacteria. Don’t let the bacteria’s live and spread on your surfaces in your kitchen. These kinds of bacteria’s can become very hazardous to your families health.