Saturday, September 26, 2015

Positive Parenting Tip Of The Day...

Tip: Rather than always getting upset at your child(ren). Look at the more positive side of things, than the negative side of things...  The Number #1 thing is : Talk to your child(ren) not at them... Don't slip into this bad habit.
This one word alone is something that I struggle with still to this day. Which I have noticed over the years, that I'm not alone: (Don't)
  •  Don't do that! 
  •  Don't forget to make your bed. 
  •  Don't forget to clean your room. 
  •  Don't Run. Walk! 
  •  Don't use that tone with me!

When you use a positive word(s). You will be pleasantly surprise of the out come. 
Positive word(s): (Please), (Thank You), (Appreciate) just to name a few.
  •  Please don't do that. 
  •  Please make your bed. 
  •  Please clean your room. 
  •  I would really appreciate. If you would make the right choice, and not run. But walk. 
  •  Let me ask you. Are you making the right choice by using that tone with me?

Now keep in mind; once you have decided that you are going to make this change. You can't just do this once or twice. You need to stay consistent , meaning  it will be a work in progress. Don't give up...