Thursday, December 9, 2010

10 Second Time-Out Rule for Parents...

You have no more patience’s. You are really getting upset. You are yelling and screaming at your child(ren). You feel you are about to lose it.

Parent Time-Out - You need a time-out. I know personally being a parent is not easy by any means. You need to go and take a time out and breath. There will be some days you are going to think your child(ren) has turned off their listening ears. Compared to other days; when you feel they are acting like complete angels. There are days when you feel you have done everything you can think of, when you put your child or children on a time-out, you need to also put yourself on a time out. You don’t ever want to feel that you could probably lose it. Go to a quite place in your house, and take some slow deep breathes, count to ten when you are taking those slow deep breathes, and then count backwards. Always try to keep calm, if you are starting to feel yourself really getting upset and the only thing you want to do is scream at your child, because your patience went right out the window (You Need A Break). We all know once you start to scream at your children they will more than likely tune us out or get upset. You really never want to scream at your children. Try to keep calm, and talk to your child. Let them know what they are doing is wrong, and that if they keep showing bad behavior; that you are not going to give them any warning, you will put them on a time out and start to take their privileges away from them. Until they understand that they need to listen to you the first time, not the second, or third time.

Remember to always stay true to what you say to your children. So they know you mean what you say.


  1. ""Remember to always stay true to what you say to your children. So they know you mean what you say""

    I love that! So True! I have said things that I regret many times...but just reading that makes me rethink my tongue. Well..not just that..but that is a great comment to always keep in mind. :)

  2. Thank you for the comment:) Being a parent is hard work, but I love every minute of it. :)

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  4. Parenting is such hard work, but the rewards a great!
    This is sage advice as we are all humans (even the little ones) and all need a break to regroup and interact respectively.

    Found you through Social Moms. Here is my blog info.