Monday, February 21, 2011

Snacks, Snacks, and More Snacks...

Does your child(ren) keep coming to you, telling you they want more to eat? Even though you just got done cleaning up from making breakfast, lunch, or dinner? This is called, “grazing” in other words snacks, snacks, and more snacks. Try to create a healthy grazing/snack pattern throughout their day. Try to give your child(ren) snacks that are high in protein and low in sugar; this will help to stretch out their energy. The reason you should stay away from foods and drinks that contain a high amount of sugar in them; is because your child(ren) can get a boost from the sugar of course meaning a (sugar high), and then next thing you know they crash...

Example: Snack Foods That Have Protein

Peanut Butter

Just to name a few...

Be creative, before preparing the snacks. Get some cute little cookie cutters. Make your snacks into cute little kid friendly shapes; have your child(ren) depending on how old they are become mommies little helper, and have them help you prepare the snacks; “get them involved.” After all is prepared, make a picnic on the floor or in your own backyard

Happy Snacking...


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  2. The very favourite snack of the preschool class all three of my children attended was grapes and cubes of cheddar cheese. There was just something about the tiny cubes (same size as the grapes) that made that combo a real hit! And easy too....

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  5. Eeek, not looking forward to all the grazing. My little guy is only 9 months so no demands yet, but I am sure I;ll be looking for healthy snacks soon.

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  7. Hi Stina. These are all wondrful snack ideas. We call one of my 3yr old twins the food monster because all he wants to do is eat lol. He's not gaining weight or anything so I suppose his metabolism is high. Either way, I'd rather him eat healthy if he's going to eat all day.

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  8. I have teens and they still need help with snacking. Being a mom is a forever job, thankfully!

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  11. So, there's a NAME for it. I thought my kids just got bored easily. (4 yo & 2yo girls). Thanks for the tips!

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    I have two grazers and it is the only way they eat healthy food so I am ok with it : )

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    Love your tips for snacks. One of my favorites is almond butter with apple pieces. Yum!

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  15. My son is constantly begging for more food. Love your ideas. I'm a new follower from social moms as well.

  16. My kids are professional grazers. Luckily we are pretty strict about only allowing them to have healthy snacks like those you've listed.

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  17. My kids are all day grazers. They LOVE fruits and would pick them over candy anyday.

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