Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sibling Rivalry...

Do you have sibling rivalry going on in your daily lives between your children? Why can’t they just get along? Does it seem that they are jealous, or trying to compete for your attention?

Sibling Rivalry happens in some cases right after the second child is born, and it very well might continue throughout their childhood. Don’t be alarmed, you can work through this.

Your children are trying to find his or her own voice, and if they feel their voice is not being heard; because of the other sibling; then it can turn into a rivalry.

Parents try to give each child your undivided attention: Try to give your child their own special day, or their own special time. Your child wants to share with you their own special talents and success that they have done.

Just remember you don’t ever want to label them; don’t play favorites. You love them both equally, you need to always keep in mind that they need to know how much you do.


  1. My kid didnt start "fighting" until recently. The oldest mostly fights with the two younger ones. He wants his own space and the younger ones tend to get on his last nerves. It drives me crazy because I worry about them not getting along as adults but at the same time I know that it is normal..

  2. Siblings Rivalry - A Proven, Step-by-Step System How to Stop Your Children From Bickering, Complaining And Fighting Among Themselves.

  3. Mine are still little so sibling rivalry hasn't really started yet. Not so much looking forward to that part of things...

    I am following from Social Moms :)

  4. It's almost time for my younger daughter to fly the coop. They were so sweet with each other all through the toddler and school years my wife and I couldn't believe our good fortunes. Then as teenagers all hell broke loose. I'm so glad we didn't overreact, realizing as well that this was a normal part of growing up. My son left for college last year. He's now home on vacation and you should see them now.. sweet again. There's hope yet y'all.

  5. I have three kids, but only recently have started to manage sibling arguing and rivalry. My oldest just started college and was raised mostly as an only child until his brother was born ten years later ... and then five years after that their sister was born. My two youngest (now 7 and 2) that are keeping me on my toes and I feel like a first-time parent on this issue! LOL. Thanks for the tips.