Thursday, October 8, 2009

Using Your Cell Phone While Driving...

When I was checking my email today, I came across an email that said, "Calling All Mothers," "Keep Your Family Safe." The email was wanting mommy opinions on banning cell phone use while driving... I would definitely have to say that it's not the easiest thing to do while driving. It really got me thinking in the aspects of my children; my children's safety is number one in my life, and trying to answer, dial, or text while driving with or without my children in the car; I would have to agree that it is unsafe. To be quite honest with all of you; I never considered my cell phone to be a distraction at the end of the day. So does that make me a horrible mother? No I don't think so. It just makes me now more aware, that I need to rethink what I thought wasn't a big deal, now is and always has been a Big Deal. The way that this email was presented to me, has really made me aware... I'm going to from here on out, only answer my phone when I am parked in a parking lot same with trying to dial out. I never want to put my family's life or others in danger. By making a bad judgement call...

Ladies I would love to hear what you think about this matter. Do you agree or disagree??? Please share your thoughts :-)


  1. Lucky me, my phone's never charged so I don't have to make the choice. :) I wish people wouldn't but I understand why they do. Make sense?

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  2. You're right.. I never use my cellphone while driving or even, walking on the road. I use it when I'm stationery and not posing a hazard to traffic or my family.. Thanks for sharing this..

  3. I do use the phone while I am driving, but I do not/not text while driving.

    The times I am on the phone though, my kids start to scream as they realize that mommy is busy on the phone. I eventually give in and just turn my phone off.

    I can definitely see how being on the phone or texting can be very dangerous...its only takes a second for tragedy to occur! and I am not sure if a phone call is worth it..

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  4. Agree! I made that personal conviction almost a month ago when I was chatting it up on my cell phone with kids in the van and almost had a collision with a large truck on the freeway. It scared me, and for good reason. Since then I've noticed how many drivers are yapping and not focusing on driving. It really irritates me because I can tell they are not fully connected to their task on hand.

    When I was pulling out of the preschool parking lot two moms pulling in were talking on their phones and I thought, "Hey, you are coming in to a zone infested with bolting/running children...please put them first and not your conversation."

    I'm becoming aware of how distracted these driver-talkers are. On the freeway they often sit in the passing lane, blocking traffic, driving at a slow pace. They have no idea the congestion they are causing.

    And texting! This is even worse.

    Thanks for passing on this challenge. We moms would never think of driving drunk, but we think nothing of driving and talking on our phones. I'm pretty sure it equals out to be the same thing.

    We need to create a culture where this type of behavior is taboo, just like MADD did.


  5. I agree, there are limitations we all need to follow. And at the sake of our children, you are completely right!

  6. I will answer the phone when I'm driving because all I have to do is flip it open but that's it.

    There's really not one of us who can argue that it's safe to use the phone while driving, or an ipod,or....anything.

  7. I don't really use my cell phone when driving except for long drives. But I always use a hands free or speaker.

  8. I try not to answer my phone while driving but if I have to take an important call then I use my ear piece when I'm driving. That way it's hands free and I can concentrate better on the road.

    My oldest just got her restricted drivers license in august and she is now driving to school. She had to take drivers Ed and they teach them about cell phone safty. I make her turn off the phone and put it in her purse when she gets in the car.

    It wouldn't bother me at all if they band cell phone use in the cars.

    Happy Mom of 5

  9. I've always been to nervous to talk on the phone while driving. Likewise, if I call or get a call from a friend and suspect they're driving, I will say "call me back when your done on the road, I don't want to be a distraction while you're driving". I've seen so many stupid things happen on the road and when you look through the windshield the person is on their phone.

  10. I answer the phone when i'm driving but i only do it for short answers like yes, on my way. I do not text.

  11. Using your cell while driving is dangerous. I agree with you. Texting while driving is very dangerous.

  12. I don't think talking on a cell phone is a big deal. Its the textin' that would be a problem for me. (although I have NO idea how to text!)

    My cousin has the cell phone hooked into his speakers so he can be hands free.

  13. I would love it :-) if I had a hands free system for my car...

  14. To All of You

    I wanted to say, "thank you for sharing your thoughts...":-):-):-)

  15. I definitely am aware that my attention is not the same when I try to be on the phone in the car, you just can't do two things at the same time. I have the MOM SEND THE MSG button on my blog to show my support about paying attention to driving while driving, and nothing else.

    I know of a local mom who's little boy was killed when she was in the car with him and turned around to him and drove into a wall. She was fine; he was killed instantly. What a tragedy. I always think about that now and try to only concentrate on driving.

    Dagmar's momsense

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  17. After having a baby, I too have become more aware. I purchased a headset and I will not pick up while driving if I dont have it with me.

    What I dont understand is how can people txt and drive? I can't even chew gum and txt at the same time!

    It's been a while since I stopped by but I finally got a chance to clean out my google reader and I will stopping by more often! :)

  18. I really try not to use my cell phone while driving, but need to do a better job that's for sure. I never text while driving or check email, I need to get on my husband for that more too.

    I like your blog. Found you through Mom Bloggers Follow Group. Am following and looking forward to reading more.

  19. It's a bad, bad thing and I am guilty of it as well. It really should not be legal to use the cell while driving.

  20. I know it's probably stupid, but I do it... I don't text though! I wouldn't let my son talk at all on his phone the first year of driving, but I've kinda gotten a little lax on that too. Bad mom!

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