Sunday, November 1, 2009

Homeschool vs. Public School

How do you mommies feel about Homeschool vs. Public School??? Our son that is now in the first grade this year was a homeschooler last year. The kind of homeschool our son had was through a charter school (I loved it:-) It was a great program. Our son was of course a kindergartner, middle ways through the year he was reading at a high first grade, low second grade reading level (this was awesome:-)... He did have a teacher assigned to him, that he would see once a week (but all in all, I was his teacher:-). Our son is now in Public School this year; the reason my hubby and I decided to do homeschool last year. Was because there were no schools close to where we live (they were building a school about two blocks from our house). So now the school year is here (and well on its way), and the public school that they were building is now open. We decided to do public school this year, I have to say I'm not so sure. You would think for a school that just opened this year, would be trying really hard to prove they are going to be a great school. I'm sad to say a lot of the parents including my hubby and I are becoming disappointed. You have probably heard different stories, or your probably going through it your self.

I would love your input mommies? Please share how you feel...


  1. I have lots of thoughts on homeschool, but no experience. I have a two yr old and a 6 mo old and am seriously considering homeschool. My info is only on materials that I have read and conversations with homeschoolers and their parents.

    Homeschoolers seem to be ahead in most areas if the parent is homeschooling for the right reasons. Because you are with your children, you have more control over the values that are important to them. I believe America's schools are behind and longer school days are not the answer! (Obama is suggesting 8-5 school days.) Could you imagine how little you would see your kids?!

    Homeschooling is a HUGE responsibility and really scares me in some ways. I would not ever want to fail my children; but, their education is not as important to anyone else like it is to me. There are also homeschooling networks in most communities for the kids to meet up with other kids.

    I'll stop there. I could probably blab about this all day! I am totally FOR homeschooling if you have what it takes. I love the Charter School idea to. I'm not sure that's available in TN where I'm from.

  2. I am seriously considering homeschooling. Public schools just can't give enough attention to all children. Some need it more than others. I have a public school that is only one block from my house. I am debating...

  3. I thought about homeschooling but I'm not an organized person, so it would be a disaster for me.

  4. Well as a former homeschooler I have to say I love homeschooling, but I don't really consider charter schools homeschooling. We did independent homeschooling where I picked out the curriculum and everything. My eldest son started college at 16. Both my children are now enrolled in college and homeschooling was a very positive experience for our family.

  5. I have homeschooled and now I send my kids to public school. They are in a great school and I am really involved in what they are doing. I do suplement their learning when I feel that they are ready for more than they are getting at school. I also help them at home with things that they are struggling with. In my case both my boys struggled with fine motor skills and writing. We did lot's of activities at home that helped them improve.

    My philosophy is that as a parent I am in charge of my childs education. This is the same whether I homeschool or send my children to public school. I am ultimately responsible for my childrens educational needs and public school works for me right now, but I will continue to evaluate.

    Good-luck with your education journey!

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  7. My oldest is a kindergartener this year, in public school. I wouldn't have ever considered homeschooling him. I wouldn't have the time to dedicate for it and I feel that kids really need the social skills that they get fron being on their own at school. Something he would have been cheated of if I kept him home. Just my opinion.

  8. I have always toyed with Homeschool mostly because I wish that they would be more creative like when we were kids, however, the patience, understanding, diversity, learning to work with others, etc that comes from school is priceless.

    In the end I feel that just because my daughter is in school doesn't mean her learning stops at 3:40, we do a lot at home to further her education, so in a sense she has the best of both worlds!

  9. My children's education is my responsibility. Even though they attend public school, they are homeschooled in the sense that I supplement the basics that they are taught there. I am always doing fun learning things with them and taking them to different places. I supplement where they need it as well. We are all homeschoolers in a sense that help our children learn all that they can, in school and out!

  10. i have a 4yr old but opted not to start her schooling yet. i believe to give her more "playtime years" because the moment she start going to ends a decade and more after.

    but i got to thinking about it of course...still, not worried because i also believe that God will let happen what should happen =)

  11. As politically correct as it sounds it depends on too much for it to be a black and white issue for me. We were against public schools in our area because of violence and such at the middle school layer and plus they were so big I really hated the heard mentality and I dislike the state standardized test. I prayed about homeschooling. I wanted to homeschool. I thought I "should" homeschool. But God didn't call me to. That was hard. I wouldn't be a great homeschooling parent. So my 7 year old is at a wonderful Christian school that has a balance of public school things such as sports, music and cheerleading as well as strong academics. Right now my autisic girl is at the local Headstart in PreK. She really has PDD NOS but she wasn't ready for PREK at the Christian school. So hopefully she will be next year we'll see.

    I believe God has given us all the responsibility for choosing the best education for our children whether that are pschooled, homeschooled or christian schooled.

  12. I give homeschooling families a TON of credit! I don't think I could commit to it personally. But that is just my opinion. I don't see anything wrong with it at with any family decision, it's what suits each family the best.

    Thanks for stopping by and joining my blog!


  13. I work a full time job, and I think I will leave it to the professionals for now. I love my son's school. He has great teachers at his disposal that help him. I think, no i know they know more than me. I was really good in school but i am glad to be out of school. So public school for me. My son's school is a magnet school for Science and Math. He is in the advance Gifted and Talented classes. I think he is doing better than he would do with me. Like someone else said I am not that organized. I give it to homeschool moms for all that they do. Their kids are so lucky to have them. SO i think it is different for everyone. Do what works for you.

  14. Hello, I am Diane and New. I would start off saying that the choice is very different person to person, area to area, kid to kid, family to family, etc. If you feel that you are questioning your choices, then make it a choice again and get your babies out of the there. My kids are in a very small private Christian school and next year we start middle and high school. I have to make a choice of what is better for my children based on several different factors. My son wants a sports scholorship - at the private school he wouldn't be able to get one, but public there is an opportunity. My other son is type 1 diabetic - there isn't a licensed nurse on duty at the school so I don't feel comfortable - off to public he goes. Just remember you have choices and beliefs. You need to go on your gut instinct of what would be better for the child, the family, for the schedule of the house, etc. Good luck to you and stay posted - come look out my blog.