Thursday, October 28, 2010

Your Newborn will Not Stop Crying...

First thing I would recommend; is if you feel that your newborn is crying more than normal. You need to get in touch with your pediatrician, and let them know what is going on; to see if your baby needs to be seen. Now after you have done that first step and all is well, in which it should be. You can see if this works for your baby. This is a little trick that just fell into our laps.

If you feel that you have tried everything you can think of. While having your baby in your arms turn on your tap water. Your newborn will calm down when they hear the water running. We asked our pediatrician why does the baby calm down when they hear the water running. He told us; the sound of the water running is close to the same sound that the baby was used to when they are inside the womb.

So try this when your baby starts crying and you can’t seem to calm he or her down. Go turn on your tap water, and see if they calm down when they hear it. If the sound of your tap water doesn’t work very well. Then go to your shower and turn it on, it makes a louder noise than your tap water running. It will more than likely put them right to sleep.

Now if you don’t want to waste water. Just record the sound of the water running, and push the play button.

Just a simple home remedy!


  1. I didn't know that the sound of tap water can make our babies stop crying. I'll probably try that method once I can't stop my baby to cry.
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  2. it worked for both our little guys. Let me know if it works for yours...

    Thanks for the Comment

  3. I discovered this by accident when my daughter was almost four months old. that's when I started wearing her on my back. I noticed that she would almost always fall asleep within five minutes of me starting to wash the dishes. she's six months old now and this still knocks her out even with her markedly increased stamina. I recently started using a shower baby sling with her and she falls asleep in that as well. (she nurses to sleep in the shower though...)