Friday, November 5, 2010

Child(ren)’s Tooth Decay...

Parents were you aware that juice can and will; start eating away at your child(ren)’s teeth enamel?

This is due to the fact that orange juice and other kinds of juices out there have acid in them, and acid is known to eat away teeth enamel.

Here are some suggestions that you can do to help prevent your child(ren) from having any tooth decay problems:

Of course you don’t want to stop giving your child(ren) juice; because it is good for them. So what I recommend is have your child(ren) drink their juice through a straw. If your child(ren) drinks from a straw, this is known to slow down the process.

The juice will bypass your child(ren)’s teeth; unlike if they were drinking it directly from their sippy cup or from a regular cup. You can also buy those sippy cups that have the straw already built in.

Does your toddler still use a bottle for a pacifier? I would suggest that you start ASAP; putting plain water in their bottle especially right before bedtime. Parents you don’t want that acid or sugar sitting on their teeth all night long.

You can also water down their juice; half juice, half water.

Always remember to brush your child(ren)’s teeth after every major meal; or at least twice a day...

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