Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Classroom Behavior...

Our little first grader came home from school last week; telling my husband and I that he needs to keep his 3. We asked him what does he mean that he has to keep his 3? He proceeded to tell us that 3 is a yippee, 2 is a oops, and 1 is a yikes. If he gets a yikes meaning a 1; he will have to call home. My husband and I asked him, "well what did you get today?" He said, "of course a 3," and then he said, "that if he gets a 3 every single day," "then by next week Monday he will be able to go to the treasure chest," "and pull out a little surprise." That was for having good behavior all of last week. I think having a reward system in place at school; is a great idea. Our son really gets excited when he keeps his 3 all day. We feel that he is really starting to understand; how it is important to be on his best behavior. I mean don't get me wrong; my husband and I are all about teaching our kids the importance of being on their best behavior. But it can definitely be a struggle at times. So I am glad that our son's teacher has put this system into place.

Does your child's school have a reward system in place for behavior? Please Share :)


  1. Hi there,

    I used to be a Kindergarten teacher and had a similar classroom behavior management system. It was so fun to see kids really get excited about it. For most kiddos, it's just what they need to stay on track. I enjoyed reading through your blog tonight!!


  2. My oldest is only 4 and just started pre-school this year. They have a color system. Green is good, yellow is warning and red..well red is just not good. Baby girl has gotten green every day so far and she is really into it. I'm thinking about using it at home too???? For whatever reason, the color system is like magic. I'm all about whatever works!

  3. We have a color system sort of like what Michelle described in her comment. The children are also rewarded for their good behavior. I have to agree that I think it is great that they are being rewarded. I'm even willing to supply some of the prizes they hand out if they need it b/c I think it's a great idea!

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  5. Cute blog post! My son is only 1 and a half so no school for him yet. I am watching Super Nanny to get my tips on behavior for now lol.

  6. My son's school does the color system, but I really like the Yippee system! lol How can a kid not get excited by that?!?!

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  7. My son just started pre-school, so for me, this is to be continued..great to hear that idea, though.

    Following your blog and look forward to reading more. I am following you on twitter as well. :)