Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daddy The Soccer Ball and US...

This morning my hubby decided that he wanted to take the boys over to this one park; that is a couple of blocks down from our house so that he can teach the boys some soccer kicks, dribbles, and stops; well what a day this turned out to be... I decided I would come along too; because I thought it would be enjoyable. By the time we got back to the house; our oldest was dripping wet from head to toe, and our littlest one was dry (only one kid to worry about:-). The whole idea of playing with daddy went right out the window; when our oldest step out of the car he was doing everything else but trying to listen to daddy; he was running laps around him. I guess he thought running around daddy as fast as he could was much more exciting then kicking around a ball, and of course our littlest guy was doing the exact same thing (go figure). Up at the top of the field there was a little water park; once our oldest got sight of that, that is all she wrote. By the time we realized where he was running too; it was to late. He ran straight into the water, and completely drenched himself like I said before from head to toe. I was able to catch the little one before he decided to join his brother. Our children really went crazy; it was like they have never seen a park let alone a little water park. Poor daddy he really wanted to kick the soccer ball around with his boys; instead it turned out to be the day our boys went wild...

(Gotta love it:-)


  1. Lol. Kids and water parks. You can't keep them apart!

  2. I even got wet myself; I had to run after him. Because he wouldn't come out (Good Times:-)... Thanks for the comment:-)

  3. Stopping from MBC! Love your site!

    I think something is wrong because I can't follow you...will try again!

  4. I have 2 boys also and I feel like every day is like that or at least will be when my youngest is mobile :)

    Great blog by the way. I am now a follower.

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